Ag technology
you can leverage

Take full control

and get ahead
of the curve

Innovative smart farming tools necessary to finally gain precious insights on
your soil, better manage your operations and increase your harvest

Right product
Right time
Right place
Right amount

Analyse 40 different soil parameters

Provides a precise overview of what’s happening in your soil and helps you to match fertiliser type to the needs of your crop.

No more waiting days or weeks for lab results to come back.

Real-time measurements save a ton of time in data acquisition.

Faster turnaround time and better decisions.

Better control regular seasonal sampling and add another layer of assurance and ability by having access to instant and cheap in-season sampling.

High data density and instant GPS localisation providing georeferenced soil measurements

Precise field mapping and better control over fertiliser application.

Measure all the way up to 24 inches deep.

Optimise fertiliser quantities to assure growth profitability and reduced waste.

Better insights on the soil treatments needed and fewer errors with accurate measurements.

Traditional method
Waiting for lab analysis
AI analysis
Real-time on-device results

Farm smarter, not

A Chrysalabs Probe(TM) is a portable laboratory that allows you to decide when and where to take soil samples. Your soil data is quickly and accurately analysed with AI technology that helps you make key decisions for more efficient operations.

Improve your operations

Easy precision

Advanced soil fertility assessment technologies are one of the most efficient and least resource-intensive methods for implementing precision agriculture principles. Less time, flatter learning curve and low cost mean that your return on investment is quick.

Grow sustainability

  • Minimise waste and environmental contamination
  • Easier way to implement the 4R principles
  • Greater control on input application
  • Manage nitrate levels in soil more effectively
  • Get access to carbon credits more easily

Grow profitability

  • Increase profitability with data-driven decisions
  • Get brand new insights on your soil
  • Most economical way to start Precision Ag
  • Less labour-intensive: less work for your team
  • Reduction of fertiliser costs
  • Precision mapping for VRA

You decide when
and where to monitor
your soil

You want to get your data when it matters most, so we eliminate the need to choose when to sample and how many samples to collect. You can easily sample throughout the season and at the frequency that fits your operations best. The advantage of tracking your soil conditions and diagnosing issues early can make an enormous difference in yield, costs and profits.

Lab-level results
with fewer variations

A ChrysaLabs probe eliminates numerous error sources commonly seen with
traditional lab measurements. Data variances can result from minor
differences during drying, grinding, extraction, filtration and instrumental
analysis. We eliminate many of these steps to minimise any errors.

Future farming outperforms in every aspect.


Traditional Lab

Wait time

Less than 30 seconds

Days to weeks

Sample quantity


Pay per sample

Sampling schedule

Any time

Depending on lab availability

GPS mapping

Automatic in the app

To be done on your own time


Continuous machine learning – new AI model rolled out several times a year

No significant change in the past 30 years and dependent on staff experience.


Chemical-free analysis

Solvent waste and hazardous substances

Greenhouse gases

Reduced by as much as 102 tons per year

Undisclosed footprint

Extraction method

Supports 7 widely used extraction methods

Depending on lab

In-season sampling

Included in your subscription – no extra costs

Cost prohibitive


Dig a hole, extract sample and get results on your device in under 30 seconds

Soil collection
Soil mixing
Waiting for results

Team availability

We will respond within one business day: support@chrysalabs.com or 1-514-831-5130

Depending on lab

Higher data density
for better accuracy

The data you extract from the probe is as accurate as any lab, and there’s no sampling limit. It’s an all-you-can-sample approach. This allows you to easily and dramatically increase data density at a much faster rate and at a much lower cost than with traditional labs. Increased data density per acre provides valuable intelligence to help you apply inputs more precisely and almost instantly.

Forget the old way

Leverage intelligent soil sampling now.

Dig deep into how a ChrysaLab probe improves soil samplings and analysis that lead to smart decisions, precise actions, higher yields and reduced costs.

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