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Innovative soil
analytics that meet
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The ChrysaLabs™ technology is designed with the industry’s future in mind. Get
intuitive soil analysis reports in real-time with an easy-to-use, secure
application available on your smartphone, tablet and computer.

Easy and clear interface

An intuitive, customizable and simple interface makes it easy to navigate even the densest of data. And there’s no seat limit.

Your samples, your way

Create composites on the app or in the field directly on the probe. Add new samples (or delete some) in an existing composite anytime you need and let the AI compile your data for advanced precision of your grid soil sampling. Or create single samples, it’s up to you.

Export easily

Easy to export data in multiple formats, easy to integrate in your operations. Customise each report with a few dozen parameters. Export formats that you can import flawlessly to third-party software.

Use your preferred device

Visualise your soil data on your computer, tablet or smartphone (iOS and Android). Export your custom report directly from the app.

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precision agriculture?

We designed our technology to make your soil analysis easier and faster.

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How do I access results?

Probe analysis results can be viewed on our mobile application (iOS, Android) or web interface

What is ChrysaLabs doing with my data?

YOU own the data, we only use it to improve the AI model and improve the accuracy of your probe.

What happens where there is no cellular network?

Without any connections, there will be no real-time results. However, the data will be stored in the probe and automatically uploaded once connection is restored.

Do I need to be in an organization to access my samples?

Yes, you should create an organization or accept an invitation to join an organization. You will access then have to the data.

What can I do if a sample was taken before assigning the probe to its organization?

Contact us via the application.

How many members can be added to an organization?


How many probes can I assign to my organization?


How many organizations is it possible to have?


What is an organization for?

An organization is used to visualize the samples taken with the probes associated with it. It is possible to add members so that they also have access to these samples.

How do I export my samples?

You can export the data of your samples in different formats. Select some samples or composites. Click on the export button and choose the file format and the properties you want to receive.

What if a sample does not appear in the list or on the map?

1 - Check if the probe is assigned to your organization in the Probe Page 2 - Check if there is no filter on the Analysis Tab Otherwise, contact us via on the application.

Do I get updates for the app?

Automatic updates are available free of charge to all users.

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