Innovative technologies for growing

Soil is our most
valuable asset

If you’ve been in the ag industry for any length of time, you certainly
understand the value of the land. How we grow crops impacts everyone from
the farm to consumers and so many industries and people in between.

Improving the way we grow

Every day we work to make your job more efficient, more beneficial, and more sustainable. By merging future technologies with real-life actions, we can harness the power to help change how agriculture can maximise its purpose today and well into the future. When you have better soil management, you get better yields and better profitability, and we all get a better planet.

What we stand for


We care about others. We are parents, children and teammates. We are empathetic. It would be impossible to accomplish this without you, the team, or without caring deeply for human beings.

No status quo

Not being afraid to think in and outside the proverbial box. Creating something new sometimes means breaking a few things. Having countermovement ideas takes brains. Trying them out takes guts.


Trying, exploring, discovering, uncovering, experiencing, inventing, unveiling, introducing, creating new things.

Will for change

Feeling inspired by the world around us. Feeling compelled to make it better. Not settling for any form or shape of status quo when we believe we can do things differently.


That burning desire to understand. An unquenchable curiosity. The ultimate devotion to knowledge. The irresistible desire to understand the world and how things work so we can actually change them for the best.

What drives us

Our goal as humans, agricultural scientists, and a tech company supporting the agriculture industry is to create a solution that truly makes a difference. By working together, we can strive for a better tomorrow and help cultivate a better world.

Meet the team

We are agronomists, developers, data scientists, engineers, researchers, professors, field experts and more. We push R&D boundaries, develop artificial intelligence, manage a full in-house assembly line, and code a flawless app all designed to create the most patented real-time soil measurement solution. Our team is on your team.

Talent and Culture
Data Science

Justin Hogue

R&D Scientist

Martin Dionne

Data Analyst

John Lan

R&D Scientist

Antoine Gauthier

Digital Project Manager

Célina Akrour

Electronics and Optomechanics Technician

Florian Podeur

Soil Specialist

Quinn Johnson

Customer Success Specialist

Sandryne David

R&D Scientist

Sarah Ouimette

Chief of Staff

Scott Dickson Dagondon

Head of Data Science

Patricia Gilet

Accountant technician

Mohammed Harb

Data Scientist Senior

François Seguin

Data Scientist Senior

Dominic Bouffard

Head of Product

Cailyn Wolberg

Customer Success Specialist

Martin Vargas

Sales Consultant USA

Esteban David Urizar Mendez

Electronics Technician

Sophie Thiam

Talent & Culture Manager

Isabelle Starcky

Digital Product Designer

Mariama Soumah

Talent and Culture Coordinator

Alex Renaud

Business Development Manager

Abdellah Rami

Software Developer

Jérémie Miglierina

Software Developer

Jacques Michiels

Co-Founder & CIO

Marie-Christine Marmette

R&D Scientist

Gabriel Mangeat

Co-Founder & CTO

Enoc Lutumba

Electronics technician

Geneviève Lanzer

Team Lead Software Development

Gabriel Lamarre

Customer Success Manager

Gregory Laflamme

R&D Scientist

Mourad Lachhab

Team Lead Infrastructure

Souleyman Koné

Electronics Technician

William Harvey

Software Developer

Félix Groleau

Production and Mechanical Manager

Thierno Fall

Electronics Engineer

Philippe De L’Étoile

Communications & Marketing Manager

Vivienne Crowe

Data Scientist

Roberto Mario Buelvas Gomez

Embedded Software Developer

Guillaume Breton-Ménard


Colline Blanc

Data Scientist

Simon Bernard

R&D Scientist

Fatima Zahra Benlamlih


Benjamin De Leener

Co-Founder & CSO

Samuel Fournier

Co-Founder & CEO

Talent experience

As humans, soil is our most valuable asset. As a
company working hard to care for it, the people
composing the team are our most valuable assets.

Be part of the future

The future is bright and we're always looking to expand the team. We keep growing so we're looking for motivated and efficient people to join the team.

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