ChrysaLabs Probe™

soil analysis

Your lab in the field

Get access to lab-level soil analysis results directly in the field. Making the
right calls on the right inputs in less than one minute is the new smart
farming standard. The ChrysaLabs Probe™ is the only on-site Ag-Tech
available that offers 3 patented* measurement methods in a single tool,
directly in the field: VisNIR + Capacitance Technology + ATR

Unlimited sampling,
unlimiting insights

Bring data density to the ultimate level for less. A ChrysaLabs Probe™subscription lets you sample as much as you need or want.

Higher fertiliser efficiency

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. Increase fertiliser efficiency by gaining instant insights on key soil parameters such as N, P, K, pH, OM and micronutrients so you can take the right actions immediately.

Better control on within-field yield variability

Identify areas that are performing better than others and strategize how to optimise yields and manage resources over the entire field. Know which areas require fewer inputs and maximise their profitability. By understanding the areas within a field that are thriving, you can better manage crops to avoid deficiencies and ensure healthy plants.

Accessible from anywhere

Your data is uploaded automatically to the ChrysaLabs app platform so you can access your georeferenced data anywhere, anytime.

Dig into your analysis

Get precise results in under a minute and adjust your operations guided by AI-enabled insights.


Acre Analytics Chelsy Brandt, Co-Owner
Beck’s Hybrids Will Hirschfield, Project Manager
Vestergaard Allan Mortensen, General Manager
Boa Safra Ag Bryce Irlbeck, Agronomist
" ChrysaLabs brings a new perspective to soil sampling. Data is at our fingertips within seconds, allowing for rapid decision making. We could not be happier with the support as well, the Chrysa Team is incredibly responsive and are driven to provide solutions as soon as possible. "
" Working with ChrysaLabs has been a fantastic experience for Beck’s Hybrids. Their digital soil probe has given us a powerful tool to make informed decisions that positively impact farmers. The probe is incredibly easy to use and provides us with valuable insights into soil characteristics and nutrient levels, which helps us have informed agronomy discussion with our seed customers. What’s most impressive about ChrysaLabs is their commitment to customer service. They have worked to understand the unique needs of farmers and agronomists, across a broad range of geographies and go above and beyond to ensure we’re getting the most out of their technology. "
" Our experience is great. We completed the ChrysaLabs Probe model training and for the first time small holder farmers supplying us have real time data from their fields enabling us to match input to soil while improving soil health. It's key in our efforts to roll out regenerative agriculture for all our 40,000 small holder farmers in Kenya. "
" I believe in the power of AI. And the ability to reduce cost while providing more valuable information more often and timely. That’s where the industry is going. People will believe it when they receive their soil samples in seconds rather than weeks. "

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