Accurate soil nitrate analysis through innovation

Efficient management
of nitrogen fertilisation

Fertiliser management has never been easier. Monitor soil nitrate levels
throughout the season and understand your field from pre-plant to post-
harvest. With the ability to measure both topsoil and subsoil, a ChrysaLabs
soil health report allows for seamless crop rotations every season and gives
you a clear window into leaching, changes caused by weather and post-
season excesses.

Unlimited sampling.
Unlimiting insights.

Access high sampling frequency for more accurate and up-to-date information about your nitrate levels so you can make on-the-spot informed decisions about nutrient management.


With a traditional wet-chem lab, it’s often prohibitively expensive to perform nitrate testing throughout the season. Use the ChrysaLabs Probe™ as many times as you need to reach the needed data resolution.

Sustainable farming practices

Detect any changes in nitrate levels over time and prevent excessive nitrate concentrations leading to groundwater contamination. Better management of soil health and nitrate levels can help you avoid health issues for humans and animals.


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