ChrysaLabs Station

Stationary in-field soil analysis lab

Your own soil analysis lab

Effortlessly and more frequently collect data for key points in your field. Set
the probe and let us do the rest

Real-time, 24/7

You decide where to set up the probe and how often to collect measurements. The probe will automatically collect soil data at the selected frequency.

Eliminate blind spots

Get instant access to your soil’s information and eliminate guesswork. You can now know exactly what’s happening and what action to take without stepping foot in the field.

View your data from anywhere

The data collected will appear automatically on the ChrysaLabs app. Use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to monitor nutrients and soil conditions. Check on your soil from your home, office or even on the road at any time of the day.

Philippe’s case study

Vestergaard Allan Mortensen, General Manager
Boa Safra Ag Bryce Irlbeck, Agronomist
" Our experience is great. We completed the ChrysaLabs Probe model training and for the first time small holder farmers supplying us have real time data from their fields enabling us to match input to soil while improving soil health. It's key in our efforts to roll out regenerative agriculture for all our 40,000 small holder farmers in Kenya. "
" I believe in the power of AI. And the ability to reduce cost while providing more valuable information more often and timely. That’s where the industry is going. People will believe it when they receive their soil samples in seconds rather than weeks. "

They innovate with us

Ready to improve your operations?

Dig deep into how a ChrysaLab probe improves soil samplings and analysis that lead to smart decisions, precise actions, higher yields and reduced costs.