Cutting-Edge Technology now available for Agricultural Soil Testing

Many farmers have readily adopted high-tech ways of growing their crops. One of the newest developments saves one of the most precious of all resources, time.


ChrysaLabs is proud to partner with Redox Bio-Nutrients, the leader in bioactive, carbon-based plant nutrition.


Redox recently incorporated a fleet of ChrysaLabs Probes in their soil testing. The faster soil analysis helps growers get a jump on taking the needed steps to having healthy, productive fields and orchards.


“This exciting technology brings, in essence, lab-level analysis to the field,” said Gifford Gillette, Redox Bio-Nutrients Lead Researcher. “Analyzing soil in 30 seconds instead of the current standard of three days provides tremendous value by saving time and expense over the traditional approach.”


Reducing the timing of soil sampling to a small fraction of traditional tests should provide widespread benefits for growers in their efforts to boost sustainability. For example, a spectrometer is estimated to reduce Greenhouse Gases by more than 100 tons of carbon dioxide per year, which scientists say contribute greatly to climate change.

About Redox Bio-Nutrients

Redox Bio-Nutrients exists to create passion and excitement in growing healthier plants. We help growers succeed in four primary areas, soil health, root development, abiotic stress defense and nutrient efficiency. Find out more at redoxgrows.com.

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Redox Bio-Nutrients, Jim Morris, Director of Communications

ChrysaLabs, Philippe De L’Etoile, Marketing Lead


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