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ChrysaLabs is an on-demand cutting-edge nitrogen measurement technology that combines accuracy and speed so you can get more lab-level data on nitrogen in less time than ever.
Win the nitrogen race

Automate & reduce error-prone steps

Forget bags, tags and shipping to labs. Our automated protocol reduces labor costs and room for human error. ChrysaLabs nitrogen management solutions were designed from the get-go with real world operations in mind: deliver lab-quality results without any of the traditional error-prone steps.

Designed to rapidly fit in your operations.

Fit ChrysaLabs right into your everyday operations - no extra tools or integration costs. We integrate right into your farm management software and let you start or improve your variable rate applications.

High density mapping for meaningful decisions

The choice is yours– High-resolution mapping for targeted applications either in our standalone ChrysaLabs App, or integrated directly in your farm management software.

We deliver lab-quality results that easily fit into your operations

Real-time in-field results
Vehicle mounted
Facilitate VRA

Sustainable & regulation-ready

Changing climate conditions and emerging regulations make it almost impossible to grow like we used to. ChrysaLabs makes compliance easy and sustainability actually profitable.





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Hit your target with more accurate nitrogen data, faster than ever.

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