Enabling scalable
carbon servicing solutions.

Reduce overall carbon projects costs by lowering your lab analysis fees.
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CarbonLabs™ is a turn-key servicing solution with a single goal: reducing carbon projects sampling costs.

Powered by the patented ChrysaLabs™ technology and our team’s knowledge of the soil carbon credit industry, CarbonLabs™ is a scalable solution focused on tackling carbon project’s measurement challenges.

Reduce costs. Increase cashflow Icon duration finance

Reduce lab costs with a pricing model tailored to your project's specifics.

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BD is always available and results are delivered at the same time of everything else. No delays.

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We have been proven to deliver fewer variations resulting in lower uncertainties - for cheaper.

No more heavy delays Calendar icon

Real-time tech and a fully dedicated team that can hit the ground in a matter of days

They innovate with us

From groundwork to greenbacks

A faster and more profitable method of baseline soil carbon sampling.
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CarbonLabs™ is your pathway to more profitable carbon projects

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Digitalized carbon
quantification process

CarbonLabs™ eliminates paperwork with real-time, AI-driven results on ChrysaLabs' platform, accessible anywhere, anytime, and in various export formats. Start integrating, stop spending.

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Wallet-friendly &
accurate solutions

CarbonLabs™ allows for substantial lab costs savings, making any carbon project more profitable right off the bat.

Discover the tech and the methodology.

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