Reduce the unknowns with lab-level, in-field nitrogen answers

Introducing the most effective nitrogen measurement technology that combines accuracy and speed so you can lower risks associated with guesswork.
More data. Less risk.

Are you still applying 20-30% excess nitrogen “just in case”?

The traditional management approach often fails to account for field variability, dynamic conditions, and other nuances needed for efficient nitrogen management. ChrysaLabs™ accommodates these nuances, allowing for direct in-field measurements targeting the factors most relevant to you. Dense, high-quality data allows you to eliminate unnecessary applications and easily reduce fertilizer costs.

Optimize nitrogen and still make more profits

Multiple studies have shown that growers are applying too much nitrogen, resulting in real profit loss. Reducing nitrogen by as much as 54 lbs / ac resulted in only 1 fewer bushel per acre in terms of yield. But the fertilizer costs saved actually increased profits by $27 per acre. But that is almost impossible without accurate nitrogen data you can actually leverage.

Nitrates data to unlock your VRA’s full potential

The choice is yours– High-resolution surface mapping in our standalone ChrysaLabs App, or detailed prescription maps for targeted applications with our direct integration in your farm management software.

We deliver lab-quality results that easily fit into your operations

Real-time in-field results
Vehicle mounted
Facilitate VRA

Minimize the error-prone steps

Forget the bags, tags and shipping to the labs. A simplified in-field process reduces the possibility of human error.

ChrysaLabs nitrogen management solution was designed from the get-go with real world operations in mind to deliver lab-quality results without most of the error-prone steps associated with traditional soil sampling.

Know your target. Don’t miss the mark.

Sustainable & regulation-ready

Changing climate conditions and emerging regulations make it almost impossible to grow like we used to. ChrysaLabs makes compliance easy and sustainability actually profitable.





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Reduce risk with accurate nitrogen management

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