Carbon quantification

Leverage soil organic carbon’s huge potential

Carbon capture
as a profitability
and sustainability tool

The potential to sequester carbon in agricultural soils is immense. Most
operations don’t yet consider it because the ROI is difficult to envision.
Currently, the technologies used for measuring soil carbon depend on soil
sampling and laboratory testing which makes it very expensive. But what if
you could access a process that was the opposite of the current resource-
intensive, low-reward method?

Sustainable practices

Gain an understanding of the dynamic processes that alter soil carbon stock over time, and quantify the magnitude of the change. An easily implemented and effective sustainable farming practice to achieve carbon neutrality.

Reduce complexity and costs

Soil carbon measurements and accurate documentation are challenging tasks in establishing high-quality tradable carbon credits and meeting market requirements. Soil sampling must be done consistently and periodically over the life of the project. Direct in-field measurement is the only profitable way to document soil organic carbon sequestration over time.

Implement and scale

The main barrier for most operators is the ability to actually see any form of ROI. Having access to a scalable solution, independent of soil type, can accurately estimate the carbon stock in a field. The ChrysaLabs™ technology allows you to collect this data within seconds, anytime you need it.

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